Rules & Policies for Pets


Upon registering at Hotel Amaca reception, the pet owner must be in agreement with the Rules and Policies for Pets, which governs responsibility for any damages or losses caused by your pet(s), and absolves hotel employees of any responsibility if your pet(s) is harmed or causes harm to other guest(s).

The guest must sign to acknowledge the current rules:

** We reserve the right to restrict entry of pet(s) showing signs of poor health or potential contagious illness, if they behave aggressively, or if they are non-compliant with hotel policies. **

Pet Friendly - Rules

General Provisions:

1. Guests must keep their pets in control at all times

2. Any damage or loss to third parties, Hotel Amaca property and/or real estate that is caused by or attributable to the pet(s) will be the responsibility of the owner, who will be obligated to cover the expenses or repairs of resulting damages.

3. At the time being only common household animals, such as cats and dogs, can be accommodated.

4. Pet(s) must wear identifying collars and be leashed at all times, except inside rooms, and should never be left unattended.

5. Guests are responsible for cleaning up after their pet(s), and appropriate waste bags are available during check-in.

6. Guests are responsible for preventing their pet(s) from affecting the common hotel order, and tranquility of other guests.

Use of rooms

1. A maximum of two (2) small pets, or one (1) medium-size pet, can be accommodated inside each room.

2. Every pet must sleep in special-purpose pet bedding, which will be provided at time of check-in.

3. It is expressly forbidden for pet(s) to sleep on any room furniture.

4. For cats, a litterbox with litter & scraper is mandatory.

5. If pet(s) must be left unattended inside of a room, they must remain locked inside their kennel, for a period not exceeding two hours, with prior notice given to reception.

6. Guest(s) are responsible for any damages or losses caused by pet(s) hotel property, including hotel equipment, furniture, and bedding/linens.

7. If pet(s) will be relieving themselves on room balconies, plastic waste bags must be used and are available in reception.

8. Pet owners are obligated to carry plastic waste bags at all times to avoid accidents in the public areas of the hotel. If pet waste is found in a public area, a cleaning penalty of $300.00 MXN will be charged.

9. It is the guests’ sole responsibility to clean up any and all pet waste.

10. Guests must notify reception of the presence of pet(s) in a room, as room cleaning will not proceed if the pet owner is not present.

11. Washing/cleaning pet(s) in the room is prohibited, and guests must not use hotel towels or other hotel property to clean/dry pets or pet waste. If stains from pet care are discovered on hotel linens, a penalty of $500.00 MXN will be charged. NON-NEGOTIABLE.

Use of public areas:

1. Pet(s) must be walked with a leash, directly under the owners’ care.

2. The roof/pool area must remain free of all pet food, tools, accessories, etc.

3. Upon entering the roof/pool area, pet(s) must remain under direct supervision and are not allowed to wonder freely.


Hotel Amaca staff will do our best to accommodate pets brought by guests, however, our priority is always to guests. Please do not bring pets that are typically noisy or have aggressive tendencies toward other guests or pets. Any complaints received from other guests will be responded to with the utmost seriousness, and hotel administration will apply impartial criterion to terminate a room rental contract if need be, with NO REFUND OF ROOM CHARGES OR PET STAY FEES.