Internal Accommodation Rules

Art. l.-

The current Internal Regulation applies to both Amaca Hotel - Adults Only - Puerto Vallarta, current address being Pino Suárez 583, Col. Emiliano Zapata in Puerto Vallarta, C.P. 48380, Jalisco, Mexico, as well as to the guests who contract their services.

Art. 2.-

Any person who stays in this establishment is required to officially register themselves in the indicated card or book(s)s, in the manner indicated by the establishment or persons charged with this task. Valid, current identification with updated photograph must be presented for all people who will be occupying the room. If guests are part of a group making an advance reservation, their representative must fill out the registration form in advance or deliver a guest list that conforms to the previously mentioned requirements prior to arrival.

Art. 3.-

The time of room entry (check-in) is set at 15:00 hours, and the time of room exit (check-out) is set at 12:00 hours of each day. If a guest stays longer, they will be charged for an additional day’s stay, with a maximum tolerance of 60 minutes. The foregoing is in accordance with the provisions of NOM-0lO-TUR · 2001. If you wish to change the departure date, please notify reception before 10:00 hours on the day of your check-out.

Art. 4.-

Hotel accommodation service must be paid in advance, be it a single or multi-night stay. If the client does effect payment by the indicated time, they lose the right to use of the room. Hotel administration will issue proof of payment or detailed invoice for services provided and amounts paid when requested by guests. Hotel assumes no responsibility for outsourced services such as taxis, dry cleaning, doctor visits, etc.

Art. 5.-

The hotel has taken adequate security measures and has Civil Liability Insurance as required per NOM-07-TUR-2002. When guests make use of the hotel parking lot, their vehicle must be parked in a suitable location, and establishment shall not be responsible for partial damage or total loss of the vehicle or objects inside due to theft. Upon check-in, the guest must register all the details of their vehicle in the corresponding guest book. Any unregistered vehicle found in the parking lot will be towed.

Art. 6.-

No guest has the right to extend hotel accommodation to any additional person(s) without prior consent of hotel management and, if approved, corresponding procedures for their hotel registration and payment of respective lodging fees must be carried out.

Art. 7.-

In reception and inside of all rooms, this establishment clearly exhibits each rooms’ category, current lodging rates and these Rules & Regulations, as per NOM-010-TUR-2001, which guests must also honor.

Art. 8.-

If a guest becomes ill, the establishment’s reception will contact medical staff for in-room treatment. If the illness is contagious for reasons attributable to the establishment, the hotel will cover costs & expenses of transfer to a suitable treatment location. If the illness is contagious for reasons not attributable to the establishment, guests will cover their own transfer costs.

Art. 9.-

The hotel is not responsible for monetary or property losses that guests may suffer for items not deposited in each room’s safe. Items forgotten in a room will remain in the custody of the hotel administration for a term of 30 days. If forgotten items remain unclaimed after 30 days, they will be discarded.

Art. 10.-

Customers are not allowed to have animals of any kind in the room or on hotel premises, unless they have been approved as per the hotel’s pet policy. Service animals for guests with disabilities are permitted.

Art. 11.-

Smoking is prohibited inside rooms due to risk of fire. In the case of linens, comforters or other minor hotel asset becoming burned, a charge of $600.00 MXN will be assessed. In case of major fire or arson, authorities will be contacted.

Art. 12.-

Please do not use hotel towels to clean shoes or remove difficult stains. If personal property needs to be cleaned, please notify reception. In the event of stained towels, a charge of $350.00 MXN will be assessed. Use of all furniture, linens and other hotel property must be reasonable and moderated, demonstrating proper care. In the event that guests damage said objects, intentionally or accidentally, it must be reported to hotel administration. Upon exiting the room for check-out, each guest must leave all internal & external doors and windows closed, turn off room lights and air conditioning, and return room keys and television remote controls to hotel reception. Upon loss of hotel property such as keys, remote controls, clothes iron, hair dryer, towels, etc., a charge of $500 MXN will be assessed.

Art. 13.-

Hotel will offer luggage storage service for up to 6 hours upon request.

Art. 14.-

In compliance with official civil protection provisions, the hotel has taken security measures by installing a sufficient number of fire extinguishers and smoke detectors to be used in case of emergency, and with notification to hotel administration.

Art. 15 -

Guests must behave with decency and decorum within the establishment and making noises that disturb other guests or using a room to perform any illegal act or game are prohibited. It is strictly forbidden to bring illegal drugs into the hotel.

Art. 16.-

Any complaint, suggestion or congratulation should be noted in the official format of complaints and suggestions that the hotel administration makes available to guests in reception, as per the guidelines set down by the Ministry of Tourism.

Art. 17.-

In provision of services by the hotel there will be no discrimination based on sex, political creed, religion, nationality or social status. The establishment may deny service if guests are under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, or upon usage of the hotel for purposes other than guest accommodation. This establishment has protocols to prevent trafficking in persons, specifically girls, boys and adolescents in the tourism sector. If you detect any sign of human trafficking, notify the administration immediately.

Art. 18.-

All rights are reserved by the hotel – and requested of guests – to denounce any acts that constitute illicit use of the hotel property, or that give rise to liability or harm of guests or their property, to the competent authorities.

Art. 19.-

Any breach of these Internal Accommodation Guidelines by guests will be cause for termination of the lodging contract, with no pursuant legal responsibility of Hotel Amaca.